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Our Team

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Salon Artistic Director/Salon Owner

Andrew has worked in the industry for 23 years now and specialises in creative colour and cutting. Hair up is a firm favourite of his however he has and always will be a fan of traditional, classical cutting and colouring. He is a huge fan of styling hair and using as many brushes as possible, Or indeed creating that "Up Do" for any special occasion.... Working Monday to Friday come see him for all you hair needs. Behind every great man is a woman and he has a team of them, scroll through to meet them all.



Senior Creative Stylist/Salon Manager 

Lillie Mae has been hairdressing for over 6 years now. She enjoys all aspects of hairdressing and loves to be challenged with all hair types. She may be the youngest of our team, but what she lacks in age, she certainly makes up with in talent. Her Balayage work is on point......Working Wednesday to Saturday make sure you come and see Lillie you won't regret it.A protégé of Andrew, she has progressed through the team to management. She is Andrews right hand woman and he and the salon would be lost without her. 



Senior Creative Stylist 

Taylor joins our team having worked in a salon in Kingston for several years. Qualified over 7 years now, she loves learning new tewchniques with Balayage being one of them. She joins us on a Tuesday to Friday, be sure to check her out. 

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Senior Creative Stylist 

Jo is a classically trained hairdresser with over 38 years experience. She is always moving with the times and welcomes clients of all ages. She specialises in cutting and invites you to call in and see her for a consultation so she can put her sparkle on you..... We only have her on a Saturday so try not to miss the opportunity to see her

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Graduate Stylist 

Meet Kiah, already a qualified barber she joins our team full of experience already. However she then decided she wanted to focus on becoming a hairdresser and completed her NVQ Level 2. Working on the salon floor four days a week, she is already becoming a firm favourite amongst the clients. Kiah is definitely one to watch, we can't wait to see her get all the success she deserves.

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Senior Creative Stylist 

Yvette has been a hairdresser for 34 years now, she must of started when she was a toddler..... She enjoys cutting, colouring and is a dab hand with a perming rod! She has been known to do a wedding or ten in her time and is always available to consult on your special day. Working Tuesday & Thursday through to Saturday be sure to pop in for a consultation like no other, the Irish way.....

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Senior Creative Stylist 

Lorna joins our team having spent the last 7 years working out of a salon in Kingston. She has been qualified for over 17 years now and I am pleased to say is a fellow Irish native. Colouring is one of her passions and she gets to do it in the salon on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and every other Saturday.



Salon Manager 

Cara is the key that holds it all together for Andrew. All round salon superwoman, our only trouble is we don't have her in the salon as much as we want her to be there. Juggling managing Andrew, manager to the salon and raising four children, its a wonder she even has time for us.....

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 Senior Salon Assistant

Megan joins our team last year and has gone from strength to strength. She has a passion for hair and will become an amazing stylist one day. Currently juggling parenthood and a career, she's one member of the team we cannot be without. 

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